About ICreate™

When you decide to have semi-permanent make-up it is vitally important that you choose to use a micro pigmentation expert to ensure perfect and safe results.

The Brow Clinics trademarked micro pigmentation technique - ICreate™ is one of the best in the current market place when it comes to semi permanent make-up.

Using the ICreate™ range of micro pigmentation tools and pigments, the effect is natural and incredibly long-lasting and produces fantastic results- we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

All of the pigments we use undergo rigid tests prior to use and market release to guarantee not only the best quality but the highest safety level.

A naturally gifted aesthetician and fully licenced practitioner Rachel creates subtle enhancements to eyebrows, eyes and lips as well as a full range of paramedical procedures.

Her clients regularly describe the results as ‘overwhelming’ giving them the confidence that even the best cosmetics simply can’t achieve.

As director and co-founder of ICreate™ Rachel has a proven track record of her expertise.